Village Offices

Village OfficesLyons Falls Village Office
4059 Cherry St. Box 368
Lyons Falls, NY 13368

Phone (315)348-5081

Monday 2pm -5pm and Thursdays 9am -12pm



Mayor Anne Huntress:

Water/Sewer/DPW Questions- Shane Rogers:
315-348-8633 (DPW Office) or 315-286-9040 (cell phone)

General Questions-Village Clerk Tasha Arthur:

Water/Sewer Billing Questions-Treasurer Amber Burdick:

Board Members: Donna Dolhoff, Mike Skorupa, Ron Dorrity, and Jeff Hoskins


Dog Catcher: John Tengel phone: 931-249-8439

Dog Licensing: Patty Sullivan (Town of West Turin) 315-397-2723

Louisse Gozalkowski (Lyonsdale) 315-348-8249

Town Assessors:  Cindy Shaw (Lyonsdale) 315-846-5901

Jeff Schaffer (West Turin) 315-767-2334

Registrar : Tasha Arthur Village Phone: 315-348-5081 Cell :315- 771-7831

Fire Department:  Joe Shue- 315-723-9406

Park Pavillion Reservation: Linda Higby- 315-348-9932

Lyons Falls ALIVE: Christine Chaufty- 315-348-5152

Farmers’ Market: Mary Fawcett-315-348-9991

The Sexton at the Wildwood Cemetery is Ed Walker, 315-348-7012 or 315-489-2809

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