Fitness Trail

The road that encircles the ball fields provides a half-mile walking trail at Riverside Park.  In 2013, we added 20 fitness stations to this trail. Anne Huntress, a Lyons Falls ALIVE member and physics teacher at South Lewis Central School, spear-headed this project. The stations were purchased with funds from a Community Grant of Iroquois Pipeline, Lyons Falls ALIVE, The Edge Hotel, Otis Technology, Forest Presbyterian Church, the township of Lyonsdale and the village of Lyons Falls. The installation of the stations was done as a cooperative effort of our Village Crew, Lyons Falls Boy Scouts, Lyons Falls ALIVE, the Fire Department, the South Lewis Lions Club and Forest Presbyterian Church.  The fitness trail offers exercise and fun for all age groups.  If you would like to check out what these fitness stations are all about, go to .